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    24/7 Retsel live tech person and phone texting support is now         ONLINE       please call , text or e-mail to   208-254-3737

    Retsel Daily Update  12-05-2018
    Subject:  Wholesale accounts only US Import Tariffs & Retsel Surcharge
                   We wish to thank you for your support of Retsel Portfolio of products. At Retsel, we are comitted to providing the highest quality products at the most affordable    prices. Due to recently imposed US tariffs on several imported raw material and components ( such a motors, aluminum castings, bearings, and abrasives) which are used to build or complement Retsel's product portfolio, effective January 1, 2019, we are implementing a surcharge on all wholesale domestic and international shipments. This surcharge will be added to each invoice as a separate line item. If the economic conditions change the surcharge will be adjusted or removed completely in a timely manner.

    We are almost complete with our new Retsel .com site and a more user friendly shopping cart. It will be launched after the new years.

    Please note:  Due to higher sales than we anticipated we will be listing our Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials on our home page until December 20. The discounts will be 25-50% off for the next three weeks  with check or money orders plus discounted freight. We will also have many items online that you may purchase with any credit card as well.

    We are anticipating to sell well over 300 mills in  the next coming three weeks, so please be patient with us on the phone lines.
    For this holiday season, we are also extending our phone line hours from 8 am till 8 pm Monday through Saturday to accomodate higher than usual volume of phone calls.

    Marry christmast and thank you for buying AMERICAN MADE PRODUCT.

    We will still honor free shipping on all grain mills (not parts) if you select to pay with a check or money order instead of a credit card. Please keep in mind that we accept all credit cards and PayPal payments ANY ORDER SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for most items as we have in 40 years past.
    Delivery times on the mills is about 6 weeks from the time we process your payment at this time. Please also note that all parts we sell would need to be paid with a check or money order on our web site from now on starting in 2018.

    If you are in a rush to receive your products, we also offer a 3 day select shipments on most orders for 2018.  The shipping cost on 3 day select is about twice the standard ground service rate ( about $20.00 per pound  three day select vs. $10.00 per pound standard UPS ground shipping)

    Please also check our special on the 50 lb bag of soft white wheat for only $18.95  at this link  


    Please take advantage of our USA made products at  Factory Direct Pricing. We have been in business since 1962 and we will pass the savings on to you!

    We can offer you personized tips and tricks, troubleshooting help, product updates, community newsgroups links, and much more to help you quickly get the answers you need. We can also e-mail you the parts schematics for your mill so you won't need to purchase a owners manual if you want to save money. Most of the times you should get the right answer from us when you chat with us online. If your mill is still under warranty, (hand mills lifetime, electric mills 10 years) simply request to be called and we will be glad to do so no matter where you are at. We always have staff online so serve you as quickly as possible. To receive free warranty live conference call from our service department, you will need to provide us with a date of proof of purchase so we can retrieve your original ticket from our database.

    We now accept PayPal for most grain mill purchases worldwide up to $1000.00 U.S..  Please call or e-mail us for details.

    Our warehouse inventory consists of over 10,000 parts. Our entire parts department is now completely separate from our main order line.
    Unless you are purchasing items that are still under warranty, all parts should be purchased with PayPal or bank draft or personal checks for expedited worldwide delivery.

    If you need help login on to your account using our secure site or using your newest version of browsers on your smart phones, e-mail us and we will direct you to the right link.

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Mill-Rite™ Mill

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Welcome Folks!

Welcome to the state of the art live and interactive Retsel® dot com web site.     

About 96.1% of our sales now are fully processed through the INTERNET. WOW!

The Wheat Mill Team from Retsel® Corporation brings quality crafted grain mills to the 21st Century family. Our company was established in 1962, currently being the oldest and the largest grain mill manufacturer in North America. During the first decade of our incorporation, our developers have designed, patented, registered and established a marketable family of grain mills that's still with us today. Most of the mills, especially the electric Mil-rites™ and Mil-masters™ built over 50 years ago are still functional today. As you browse through this web site, you can be assured that at this very moment there is a hand full of 700 watt Mil-rites™ quietly humming and diligently providing it’s user with the invaluable value of fresh ground flour. We are a health oriented business. Focusing on a healthy lifestyle for you and your family is our primary goal. For over half a century, RETSEL® managed to thrive in the volatile, unpredictable grain mill market. With the modern equipment and strong purchasing power our firm can offer American made appliances at affordable prices unmatched by anyone. We have distributors in most states and many countries of the world.

Our Products

We commercially manufacture the Mil-Rite™, Little-Ark™ and the Uni-Ark™ grain mills. This www.RETSEL.com web site is the only official Internet web site that holds the copy rights on all Retsel® products. Retsel® Corporation is the sole company on the Internet that offers genuine Retsel grain mills for sale in the United States and abroad. There are currently no other companies on the Internet that have our permission to resell products on line. By doing so, it secures to you, our customer, 24/7 Internet dialogue with our qualified personnel, offering the most competitive pricing, impeccable quality control, exceptional warranty and superb parts department unmatched by any of our competition.
To select a product, please click on the picture of the mill of your choice to read it’s brief description. If you would like to view our product or check our inventory ,simply click in the flashing box “PRODUCT CATALOG” directly in the top right corner of this page. To help you find items even quicker, simply punch in your request in the search window on top of this page.
As an additional option to our valued customers, all our products are offered in twelve colors found on the bottom of this home page.

We offer the largest selection of books, videos, and organic/chemical free grains and an updated inventory of parts to fit just about any grain mill ever made, foreign or domestic.

The shipping is free in U.S.A. on all manual grain mills if you pay with a check or money order. Please include your e-mail address along with your payment so we will automatically send you a confirmation via e-mail upon receipt of your order in the mail.

Now you too can be among the thousands of people enjoying better food, and health. By purchasing grains at wholesale cost, you will also save on your family food budget. You can find the best methods of processing flour in your home from RETSEL™.

Retsel Mills Factory Tour
The best guarantee

Retsel® offers indisputably the best warranty on the market today. All items that we sell on this web site, with the exception of special orders have a 30 day, no hassle return policy. Take our mills for a 30 day “test grind”. If you don’t like the way it looks, sounds or performs, we will take it back and issue you a full refund. No questions asked. No return authorization required. A 25% restocking fee may apply on some close out discounted sales, and used or returned special order items. This policy speaks for itself. All electric Retsel® mills have a 10 year manufacturer's limited warranty.All manual Retsel mills carry a limited lifetime warranty. “Always on time, always online, always in person”.
All Genuine Retsel™ Mills are Available in 12 Custom Colors.

Gloss White Retsel Brand Available Color Options
Sands Of Waikiki Retsel Brand Available Color Options
Idaho Sage Retsel Brand Available Color Options

Gloss White

Sands of Waikiki

Idaho Sage

Lime Green Retsel Brand Available Color Options
Quiet Forest Retsel Brand Available Color Options
Stainless Steel Retsel Brand Available Color Options

Lime Green

Quiet Forest

Stainless Steel

Blue Tint Retsel Brand Available Color Options
Corn Yellow Retsel Brand Available Color Options
Red Retsel Brand Available Color Options

Blue Tint

Corn Yellow


Grand Canyon Retsel Brand Available Color Options
Midnight Blue Retsel Brand Available Color Options
Black Snow Retsel Brand Available Color Options

Grand Canyon

Midnight Blue

Black Snow



A large number of counterfeit RETSEL® name brands, trademarks and products are resurfacing on the Internet every year. Most are copies of our products made in Eastern Europe and India and Australia. Web sites posting Retsel products and/or product names without our written permission on the Internet may be engaging in criminal activity and may be prosecuted. Please check with us before you purchase any products from anyone claiming to be a dealer of ours.

Due to requests of our customers we now have developed a more secure support department to combat Internet fraud. To assist us in this difficult endeavor, we encourage you to forward all copy right and trademarks infringements found on the Internet to us.

With all the new innovations in technology around the world, you can be assured that Retsel® produces only the best in grain and seed milling equipment. With food prices sky rocketing daily, Retsel® wants to offer you with the "the most bang for your buck" by offering quality products made from American material and workmanship. We strongly believe that American ingenuity and hard work is the driving force of what makes United States the greatest country in the world. We take a great deal of pride in providing you with such a quality product. Our recent acquisition of prime real estate and upgrading our pre existing 32,000 square foot warehouse, we now can have the needed space for grain storage and well needed parts warehouse. Additional offices are well needed that will allow our team to serve you even better in the coming years. Without your continuous support we would not be able to do so!

Thank you for visiting our site and come back soon! Your Retsel® dot com team!


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