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    Need a free owners manual either a hard copy or a pdf format?     Please e-mail us and we will send you one. This offer applies to mills that are under warranty only. If your mill is outside of the warranty period (hand mills are lifetime, electric mills are 10 years), you would need to purchase one at a nominal fee.

    Most items that our firms manufactures, including warranty and repair parts are now available in 12 colors at no extra charge. This means that if you send in a complete unit to us to be repaired we can return it to you with a new look at no extra change to you. This is another way to say “Thank you for your continuous patronage” Due to our painting rotation, delivery time on some custom painted parts may be slightly longer than other colors.

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    We ship anywhere in the world and have a high inventory at this time. The shipping time on most orders is about three weeks at this time.

    If you are ordering parts, planning to have your machines serviced, repaired or have any technical questions, it’s best to use our web site to obtain quotes, prices and availability. The 208-254-3737 line is our Internet support phone number and you may also use it to place orders for new machines as well. We apologize for this inconvenience but due to large number of calls we can serve you best via the Internet with all of your technical questions.

Uni-Ark™ Hand Grain & Seed Mill

The Worlds Finest Hand Mill

Uni-Arkô Hand Grain Mill


Uni-Ark™ Hand Grain & Seed Mill

Manufactured in our factory since 1992, the Uni-Ark™ grain and seed mill has a long life bearing design, with stainless steel wheels and stone interchange ability. The body is a powdercoated, one piece, die cast, ultra light, 356 USDA approved aluminum. The Uni-Ark™ is a top of the line hand mill. The Uni-Ark™ contains no cheap plastic parts, loose springs and key ways prone to get lost or broken during use or disassembly. The ceramic stones or the steel wheels have a lifetime warranty and will be replaced free of charge for the lifetime of the mill. With the permanent grain funnel (approximately 1.5 qt.size) attached to the main mill body, the single foot supports the weight of the unit. The mechanical design is nearly identical to the Little Ark™, the main difference being that the Uni-ark's™ body extends outward to allow ample room for a container to catch the flour. The body of the mill can be either permanently attached to a solid surface or temporarily clamped on to the table using our non-abrasive table clamp (Part Number RP-95), sold separately. A motorizing kit is available. Shipped with ceramic grinding stones unless otherwise specified. Lifetime warranty to the original purchaser only. Free literature(owners manual) and live technical support for the duration of the warranty period. Dimensions: 14" high, 6" wide, 7 1/2" deep. Grinding wheel diameter is 4". Complete owners manual and complete parts schematic is included. Shipping weight of 9 pounds. Shipping is free if paid by check or money order.

Uni-arks™ will be shipped within one to two weeks depending on the color you select.

The main differences between the Little Ark™ and the Uni-ark™:

The Little Ark™ was designed about 50 Years ago with the intention of being motorized. It's unique two foot wide stance makes it a very sturdy machine when powered by a motor and a pulley. It can also accept several sizes of funnels needed for motorization purposes in mind. We make funnels up to 6 quarts in size, which allows you to operate the machine for a very long time before refilling. This makes it the largest capacity hopper for any hand mill on the market. You do not have to spend several hundred dollars on comparable machine to accomplish this anymore. This mill comes with a standard one quart size hopper.

The Uni-ark™ is a one piece die cast construction body. It is made in a high capacity, multi cavity, three-man operation hydraulic mold. That allows us to mass-produce hundreds of them in one day at a very competitive price. Because the grain hopper is incorporated as part of the body, this mill has it's obvious limitations but nevertheless it is the ideal model for hand operation. It is also slightly smaller or compact then the Little Ark™. All the parts utilized in this mill (i.e. feed auger, grinding wheels, manual handle or the optional flywheel) are the same parts used on the Little Ark™. It’s performance is also identical to that of the Little Ark™.

Uni-Ark™ Hand Mill, Sample Pictures.

Uni-Arkô Hand Mill

Uni-Ark™ Hand Mill

Red Uni-Arkô With Handle

Red Uni-Ark™ With Handle

Yellow Uni-Arkô With Handle

Yellow Uni-Ark™ With Handle

Silver Uni-Arkô With Handle

Silver Uni-Ark™ With Handle

Black Uni-Arkô With Handle
Pink & Blue Uni-Arkô With Flywheel

Pink & Blue Uni-Ark™ With Flywheel

Red Uni-Arkô With Flywheel

Red Uni-Ark™ With Flywheel

Blue Uni-Arkô With Flywheel

Blue Uni-Ark™ With Flywheel

Silver Uni-Arkô With Flywheel

Silver Uni-Ark™ With Flywheel

Black Uni-Arkô With Flywheel

Black Uni-Ark™ With Handle

Black Uni-Ark™ With Flywheel

Sands Uni-Arkô With Handle Pink Uni-Arkô With Flywheel

Sands Uni-Ark™ With Handle

Pink Uni-Ark™ With Flywheel

Uni-Arkô Group Picture

Uni-Ark™ Group Picture

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